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We have asked our customers about the most pressing challenges of the moment. The environmental issue stands out in this small, but revealing, observatory. [Read the interview to our expert of environmental impact reduction]

In fact, sustainability is overtaken just by the supply chain issues among the challenges that directly involve oul customers’ business.

It is considered the main challenge for the pastics industry.

We have therefore asked our customers to think about the most pressing issues for the plastic processing industry . They didn’t have any doubts. The set the reduction of the environmental impact at the top of the agenda.

Sustainability even surpasses the current problem of energy prices. This is followed by the pursuit of innovation in materials, Finally, the need to work on better customer-supplier interactions are mentioned less frequently.

These are some of the results of a survey we proposed to our customers. The people we work closely with responded. Professionals who got to know Stamplast, our products and services.

Thanks to the feedback received, we put investments and strategies into perspective. Objective: to progressively and continuously improve our business.

Competence and experience count more than price

Quality, professionalism, competitive prices and planning ability are some of Stamplast’s strengths recognised by customers.

But how do they base their choice of mould maker, in a global and competitive market? Price is not a key factor. The mould maker’s technical expertise, followed by experience, count more.

You have a good opinion of our quality

Excellent judgement on the quality of our products: 93% rate 4 or 5 stars, the maximum. Positive verdict on our technical advice, with 51% rating 5 stars. The questionnaire also allows us to identify aspects on which we still need to work in order to strive for excellence.

How crucial our customers’ satisfaction is is made even more evident by the means by which most of them got to know Stamplast: word of mouth.

“Thank you for the incentive to always improve”.

“We thank our customers for participating in this survey. It is an important step in our growth path based on the needs and expectations of our partner companies,’ comments Piero Casagrande, CEO of Stamplast.

“Understanding the challenges of the different sectors means bringing out the complexity to be taken into account. But above all, it means recognising the issues that affect everyone and that we can only tackle together.

We have long been committed to rigorously addressing the issue of environmental impact. However, seeing the validity of this strategy recognised by our customers is reassuring. It gives us an impetus to always do more. Experience and expertise are values that are sought and rewarded. This makes us even more aware of the competitive advantages we can offer. Experience and competence are in our DNA’.