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Construction of moulds for plastic materials: technologies, precision and experience

The workshop department is the heart of the production process. Here the moulds are born on which the moulding of plastic material with injection moulding machines is based.

It starts from a steel alloy plate of the right size to guarantee resistance to high pressure. The project developed by the technical department with the customer provides the CNC (computer numerical control) machines with the information to obtain the characteristics of the plastic part to be produced in the steel.

The finishing of the mould

By producing medium and small plastic parts for thirty years, we are masters in refining the mould with the details and textures required by the project. EDM electrical discharge machining is one of the technologies used in this phase and mastered by our specialists.

From mould to moulding

The mould is now ready to go into production, but first it is possible to carry out run-off tests to ensure the fluidity of the production process, the respect of time and the perfection of the final result.

The moulds we build are of medium-small dimensions suitable for producing parts destined for the most varied sectors, such as: electrical  appliances, electrical engineering, food, medical and cosmetics.

Performed by highly specialized personnel and supported by technologically advanced machines, the moulds are optimized according to the productive stress they will have to sustain, fully satisfying the product development and guaranteeing productivity over time.

The manual skills, combined with experience and creativity are an added value of Stamplast to always get the best result for any item.