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Moulding: how plastic parts are made

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process used to make plastic parts by injecting a casting of material into a mould for plastics. Stamplast uses latest generation moulding machines, sensors, manipulators and robotic arms to pack the moulded part with speed and precision.

Structures and moulding machines for cutting-edge moulding

The moulding rooms are designed to ensure the highest quality, in line with the standards required by the [intervention sectors]. Production for the medical and cosmetic sectors, for example, takes place in clean rooms equipped with systems for reducing impurities and controlling moulding conditions.

How plastic moulding is born

As we know, plastic in the second half of the twentieth century entered all homes and all areas of our daily life. But it is since the 1930s that the foundations were laid for the diffusion of innovative polymeric materials, thanks to the development of the moulding production technique. Think how much the development of plastics has made our daily life easier, safer and more fun!

stampaggio plastica

What’s plastic moulding?

Stamplast deploys a team of moulding machines for the moulding of automated and state-of-the-art plastic materials, suitable for the production of even small and multi-component parts. We use the most common plastics as the most innovative discoveries. All the moulding machines are equipped with manipulators or robots for an optimal packaging of all the items and in particular the most delicate ones.

What is moulding? in this video, Professor Bill Hammack of the University of Illinois explains it:

The importance of the workshop for a moulding to perfection

Being able to add our workshop department experts to the production department minimizes implementation costs and resolves moulding phase problems. The thirty-year know-how in the production of moulds for plastic materials can in fact offer a valuable technical support even during the moulding phase. This is a strength for us.