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We are masters in moulds construction

At the base of the production of plastic materials there is the mould. Installed on injection moulding machines, it gives shape to the projects we develop with our customers and maintains over time the ability to faithfully reproduce plastic parts. In the construction of moulds for plastic materials, a combination of cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of our ‘masters’, specialists capable of achieving perfection in the various phases, is necessary.

From your idea to the perfect plastic mould in four steps:

1. The analysis of the best technical solution

Our technical team knows the secrets of plastic materials and the potential of technology, guaranteeing fundamental advice to reach your goal. Find out what we do in the pre-design analysis stage.

2. The executive planning of the mould

We know what part to do, now we have to design the mould. The technical department designs every minimum detail useful for the construction of moulds. To learn more, visit the page on mould design.

3. Contruction process

We specialize in the production of medium and small plastic items. This means that we know how to make the most of the potential of the technology we have available today to build moulds for plastic materials. Discover the construction process.

4.Testing of moulds for plastic

Before starting large-scale production, we test our mould and verify with the customer that the product complies with the required standards. How to do mould testing.

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