Plastic moulding for the production of items and components

What does plastic mean?

The term “plastic” comes from the Greek word “plastikos”, which means suitable to be modelled, this refers to the malleability or plasticity of the material during production, which can be melted, moulded or extruded in a variety of forms, including films, fibres, plates, tubes, bottles and boxes. At Stamplast we have specialized in the production of small and medium-sized plastic parts for three very important sectors: medical and cosmetic, electrotechnical, electrical  appliance.

Stampaggio materia plastica

Many is better than one: multi-component technology

For a long time Stamplast has successfully introduced the multi-component technology with thermoplastic materials, which allows the production of parts moulded in a single cycle using multiple materials.

Plastic materials: this is what we use

The plastics available and used are many and include the most innovative materials developed by scientific research. At Stamplast, right from the [analysis] phase, we advise you on the best material to get a piece with the most suitable characteristics in the most economical way. We can work any type of plastic available for [plastic moulding], but the most frequently used materials are: ABS, PC, PP, ABS/APC, POM.

To learn more about the characteristics of plastic materials, consult this in-depth article published by the Association of Plastic Material Manufacturers: Types of Plastics.

Stampaggio materie plastiche