The first step of mould construction: the analysis

When we receive a request for the construction of new injection moulds for the construction of plastic parts, a team of specialists is activated that can offer the best technical solutions to reach the goal.

The choice of the best plastic for moulding

The analysis concerns every factor involved, from the physical performances foreseen to the choice of the most suitable material. Plastics offer many opportunities, which need to be grasped.

Will the part have to withstand certain forces? isolate or withstand high temperatures? to come into contact with medicines or food? For your choices you can count on scientific knowledge and technical experience of the Stamplast team.

The project starts before the mould design

Drawings, sketches, complete projects or projects to be reviewed … we receive your ideas in any form and we are ready to develop them with you. Because the success of a mould project for plastic materials depends above all on the phase that precedes the executive planning. This is the moment in which we study the optimal solutions to minimize the costs of mould construction and maximize their performance. Characteristics of the materials, number of cavities, number of versions, hot runners, sprue bushing and all the other details that define the mould are subject of detailed and in-depth analysis.