We produce moulds for thermoplastic and elastomer materials. The moulds can have one or more cavities, with movements made by the opening of the mould, by the plate, by double-run mechanisms, by jacks/hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder and also by electric motors.

The injection can be of different types: cold runner (sprue) or hot runner, mono- or multi-nozzle, with or without shutter, with direct injection on the part or on the sprout.

We produce also articles of two different materials or with two different colours: this is possible thanks to the overmoulding in a bi-injection press (rotative mould) or with an external injection system (mould with internal movements).

Your item is required to have variations in its shape? In this case we build interchangeable inserts that, once mounted and removed from the mould, give shape to different versions of the part (we use in this case the term “Version change”).

In average we can deliver a tested mould in 8-12 weeks. Please, contact us to receive a more precise and updated evaluation of the delivery time according to your needs.

Yes, we have departments for plastic injection moulding, also in clean room, equipped with 23 presses that work in continuous cycle, additional processings as the pad printing and the ultrasonic welding. We take care of every single production step, guaranteeing high quality and the best planning, thanks to a planning system supported by specific software.

The clamping force of our 23 presses can vary from a minimum of 7 tons to a maximum of 170 tons.

We have moulded articles with the base dimension up to 350 mm, while the maximum height is 200 mm. The max. dimensions of the moulds can be up to 496×596 mm. On this type of part we have more than 30 years’ experience in mould design and manufacturing, moulding and ancillary machining.

We can mould parts that have their own volume up to about 280 cubic centimeters, to which correspond weights up to about 260 grams in the case of low-density, unfilled materials (e.g., PP) or 350 grams for the other more common materials with additional fillers (PC, PC-ABS, Polyamides, POM).

In case there is over-injection of material, the second injection can have its own volume up to about 35 cubic centimeters and weigh up to 30 grams for low-density and unfilled materials or 40 grams for other more common materials and with fillers.

We mould the most popular amorphous thermoplastics (ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, PC Polycarbonate, PC/ABS blend of PC and ABS, SAN Acrylonitrile Styrene, ASA Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate, PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate, PPO Polyphenylene Oxide, PSU or PES or PESU Polysulfone or Polysulfone) and semi-crystalline (PP Polypropylene, POM Polyoxymethylene or acetal resin, PBT Polybutylene Terephthalate, PA6 – PA6. 6 Polyamides, PARA Polyarilammide, PPS Polyfenilensulfide), as well as thermoplastic TPE elastomers (TPV or TPE-V vulcanized, TPO or TPE-O Polyolefin, TPU or TPE-U Polyurethane).

We also use particulates in COPE material, MABS, and in materials designed to contain food (Food Contact) and for medical uses.

Materials can be already colored by the supplier (by adding coloring pigments called “masters”) to meet very precisely RAL or Pantone specifications, or they can be colored in the stages immediately prior to molding.

We work extensively with materials intended to contain food, for use in medical equipment and cosmetics.

Some materials are suitable for specific purposes. For example, they can be additivated to increase flame resistance (UL94 certifications), ultraviolet UV, or contain lubricants (e.g., PA6.6 with Molybdenum Bisulfide).

To request a quote, you can contact us using the form on the contact page, possibly attaching a 3D drawing or model and describing the time required, the materials you intend to use and the quantity of pieces you plan to mould over the years. Our technicians are available to support you in defining the design and in the choice of materials, based on both functional and aesthetic requirements and the availability of materials in relation to the project schedule.

We have long experience and clients from various countries around the world in the electronic, household appliance, lighting, electrical, medical and cosmetic sectors. We are able to ensure high quality standards for products that will come into contact with people, e.g. medical instruments or food

A dedicated quality department provides specific checks and customized responses. Obtaining quality and environmental certifications from primary body is a tangible sign of our constant and growing commitment to ensure high standards to be transferred into our customers’ products. Our certifications are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

We are a Made in Italy company attentive to the needs of our domestic market, but always successfully projected abroad. Our customers are based in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, England, Russia, Slovakia, China, Poland, Romania, Greece.

Yes, one of our plants is dedicated to processing that requires special control of contaminants in the air. With a sophisticated aeration system and special protocols for the personnel employed, we are able to produce for the medical, cosmetic and food contact industries.

The medical sector is one of the leading sectors in which we work for companies around the world due to our experience, infrastructure, instrumentation and specialized personnel.

We have a dedicated pad printing department with experienced staff and two dedicated printers that can also print in four-color. In addition, we perform ultrasonic welding. We also take care of the assembly of the parts, to give our customer the highest quality and convenience in using the prices we produce in their products.

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