Photo: Alessandro Foppa

With a diploma in building surveying and a continued study path in civil engineering, Alessandro Foppa began his career as a designer in the eyewear industry, immediately dealing with the quality of the production process. After two significant experiences in leading companies in their industry, Alessandro took on the role of quality manager for Stamplast in February 2023. One year after joining the Stamplast team, we catch up with this interview, naturally discussing quality.

How does Stamplast’s quality management system work?

The quality system management starts from the feasibility analysis for a new project and continues until the delivery of the product to the customer and even beyond. Continuous process monitoring, sharing of both technical and aesthetic parameters, management of priorities and anomalies, analysis of data to support business decisions are the foundations of Stamplast’s modus operandi.

Quality is deeply rooted everywhere, not only in the reference people of the departments but in all those handling an apparently ‘simple’ piece of plastic material, the result of our injection molding production.

Stamplast is investing in a journey that puts sustainability at the center of business choices. How do you see this goal from a quality perspective?

A cornerstone of our quality policy that directly reflects sustainability is the commitment to progressively reducing the waste of plastic compounds. We create plastic parts for objects and devices that are precious and, I would say, indispensable in our lives, such as in the medical sector, but also household appliances and components for electrotechnics. What we can limit to the maximum is the waste of material not fully utilized in the product. Analysis, data, and monitoring are essential to face this challenge, which is giving us satisfaction, and in which we believe we can also involve our partners, with whom we share this sensitivity.

On the other hand, we aim to increasingly use more sustainable raw materials, proposing to the customer functional solutions that can bring value to the company, the environment, and the end consumers.

What challenges do you see for the future?

From the point of view of quality management, I see many challenges ahead of us, with people at the center. The main commitments concern Stamplast’s clients and staff. Regarding our partners and clients, we strive to offer a product and related services tailored to their needs. In this, the quality of the entire process plays a key role. It involves sharing design choices, defining limits and parameters, establishing a weighted cost, and ensuring prompt and effective communication.

Regarding the Stamplast team, we believe that quality should also be sought in the time spent engaging in our departments and sharing part of one’s life, being able to operate in a healthy, serious, and safe environment.

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