At Stamplast we have embarked on a path of digital transformation for many years now as an investment in the quality and efficiency of our work. A crucial step is the introduction of a sophisticated planning system of finite resources: a system thought to order and plan the production process in the best possible way.

As known, in plastic moulding the resources to be managed are many and diverse. On the one hand there is the moulding machine, that for example has to be programmed and provided with raw materials. On the other hand, before, during and after the moulding process come into play projects, tests, accessories such as thermoregulators and control units, wear, version changes and, above all, the people involved in the production phases.

Complexities to deal with at best

As a result, today in our plants 24 presses (a steadily increasing number) work in a continuous cycle in order to produce a thousand different products starting from more or less 600 moulds.

“We have decided to take this further step of digital transformation to be able to set up a more and more efficient planning. Moreover, it will minimise the machine downtimes by an optimisation of the planned minimum production batches.”, explains the CEO Piero Casagrande.

Planning with Cyberplan

Our planning manager working with Cyberplan

CyberPlan for our digital transformation

We have entrusted our planning capability to CyberPlan, a flexible, specialized software, integrated with the other business management systems. Link Management supported the software implementation, providing a specialised consulting service. In the perfect teamwork played a key role also A3 Soluzioni Informatiche. They supported us in the export of the data from the general ERP and its import into the planning system.

Moreover, this development ends the path started in 2019 with the introduction of the MES Temi, in a view of digital transformation. In the next months, we aim at further enhancing the response time to the customers and optimising the production lead time. We expect improvements both on the planning level and on the real time production control.