Stamplast Srl is pleased to announce that Dr. Piero Casagrande, already CEO, has taken on the role of Sole Executive Director of the company. This completes a generational transition process initiated with foresight in 2017 by the founder Elio Pierobon, who laid the foundations for a relaunch of the company, the start of an unprecedented season of investments, and a handover of leadership that ensures solidity and continuity.

Piero Casagrande

In taking on the new role, Piero Casagrande, Executive Director, states: “Today, Stamplast can face the generational transition with great optimism thanks to the brave choice of Elio Pierobon and Laura Bianco to share with me the decisions on the company’s development over the last 7 years. They deserve everyone’s tribute for having managed not only to protect but also to grow a complex business reality over more than three decades.

To the employees, customers, and all the entities that work with us – Casagrande adds – I would like to express my gratitude and invite everyone to look to the future with great optimism and eagerness to act. Indeed, a new phase of growth awaits us from many perspectives, from skills to logistics, from infrastructure to markets. I take this opportunity to reiterate fundamental value principles that have guided us in these years and on which we intend to focus even more: collaboration, training, sustainability, innovation.

Previously, Piero Casagrande was CEO of Stamplast from 2018 to 2022, initiating a season of investments and digital transition. A chartered accountant and auditor, he has thirty years of experience in business consulting, budgeting, and management control. He has been able to combine administrative competence with the management of industrial production, logistics, and relationships with clients and partners at a national and international level.