In 2024, we will open a new production plant, our fourth. The Stamplast team has been working on this investment for months, which will represent a milestone in the company‘s history. Now, with the construction in its final stages, we announce this important development.

We will open the new production plant in the industrial area of Sedico (Belluno, Italy). It features 1,100 square meters dedicated to production, 500 square meters for storage, and 500 square meters for offices and other spaces. The building had been unused for a few years. Stamplast designed and managed its renovation and infrastructural and technological upgrades.

Piero Casagrande, sole director of Stamplast, explains: “The investment is part of a broader radical renewal project aimed at increasing production and organizational efficiency.”

“The search for new spaces was driven by the growth in production levels of our plastic injection molding in all the sectors we are involved in, from medical to electronics, from small household appliances to cosmetics. However, the overall development, of which the plant is one piece, will focus on our activities in the medical sector, where we are already engaged in interesting projects with specialized international partners. This is the first phase of a path that will lead us to become a key partner in the industry of medical devices.”

The new production plant will have a reduced ecological footprint thanks to a 110 kW photovoltaic system. In the coming years, it will be equipped with an automatic material distribution system. This further automation will have a significant positive impact on productivity and resource efficiency.

“The main goal is to ensure superior quality for our customers,” adds Casagrande, “a quality that permeates all phases and aspects, from adherence to scheduling, to controls, to waste management, and all sustainability-related issues.”