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We have translated and will maintain a version of our website in Russian. We do this in order to get closer to our customers located in Russia and to develop our relations with the large market of the Federation.

This commitment aims at repaying the trust that has been shown us so far by companies from that great country, but not only. It is a sign of Stamplast’s investment in responding with quality and clarity to the needs of the Russian market.

In particular, we aim at developing our mould production and moulding services for Russian companies. At this stage we are targeting above all companies in the medical and cosmetics sector. However, we are ready to cooperate with companies from all sectors that require high quality in moulding and plastic injection moulding.

Growth prospects in the medical sector

President Vladimir Putin has launched a national project to modernise and expand the healthcare system by 2024. Local medical technology manufacturers in Russia are therefore being called upon to expand their production capacity and innovation.

Indeed, the Russian Ministry of Industry intends to develop the medical industry by 2030. It aims at increasing exports tenfold and thus reach the $1 billion mark. It also aims to register at least 100 new medical products made in Russia per year.

The Russian mould market

Stamplast aims at supporting manufacturing companies in the Russian medical sector. In particular, we are addressing partners who need high quality and precision moulds with special characteristics and technical requirements suitable for use in personal care systems.

Currently, there is no adequate availability of high quality moulds in the Russian context. This is evidenced by the import of moulds of a certain complexity, which accounts for 65% of the total. On the other hand, simpler moulds are exported, mainly to China.

The specialised information site Vestsnab249 has drawn up a 5-year growth forecast based on the expected development indicators of the key consumer companies of moulds and dies, consistent with actual production in the first half of 2020, as well as the forecasts of the Ministry of Economic Development and Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the dynamics of Russian GDP.

In the base scenario, which is calculated based on actual Rosstat data, taking into account the economic crisis and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the market will grow by 3.4% by 2024. The moulds market will grow by an average of 5% per year. In 2024, its volume will exceed the current level by 20%.

A fundamental role in implementing this virtuous process is played by the spontaneous or induced creation of increasingly specialised production districts in the various sub-categories that make up this immense market.

Contact Stamplast in Russian

From today it is possible not only to read our website and news in Russian, but also to contact us by sending emails directly in Russian to the address