We have a new pad printing department. Stamplast has just renovated and expanded the pad printing department with two new machines and inserted specialized and experienced staff. Our production capacity of printed and pad-printed parts thus takes a quantum leap.

We offer an increasingly comprehensive and efficient service, ranging from mold design to special processing on molding products. We have invested in the new pad printing department to anticipate the growing needs of our partners also from the point of view of the aesthetic quality of the objects and the improvement of the end-user experience.

Our pad printing processes, in fact, are performed on pieces of plastic material with high aesthetic value, which are assembled visually in machinery for professional and non-professional use, in components for interior decoration or outdoor use.

What is pad printing

Pad printing or tampography, which we carry out in the new pad printing department, is an indirect printing process, which makes it possible to reproduce, easily and with high fidelity and resolution, designs, lettering, and decorations both on flat surfaces and on concave, convex or otherwise irregular surfaces.

Pad printing allows printing with higher definition than screen printing, enabling the reproduction of the finest strokes with sharpness, even in multiple colors and printing “wet-on-wet.” In fact, excellent four-color prints can also be obtained by using screens on the plates.